Thursday, November 6, 2008

Please help plan for connected green space in Fayetteville area

Dear Neighborhood Representatives,
I am on the Green Infrastructure committee and we are trying to create a map of all the forested (and open areas) within your neighborhood that you feel would be an asset to keep undeveloped. This is not binding and does not consider owenership. We are trying to create a web or network of green spaces that are connected throughout the city. Our task is to identify areas and places the neighbors feel should be kept in their natural state.
You can print a neighborhood map off at the city website and draw on it things like historic trails, good spots for future trails, forested areas, grassy open areas etc. You can e-mail them to me or send them to my home at
1982 Greenview Dr.
Fayetteville, AR 72701
This is your chance as a neighborhood to have areas that are dear to you added to a map of potential green network locations. Please remember it does not matter who owns the land - we are just identifying city resources.
Down the road their may be tax break incentives for those owning properties that they agree to leave in a natural state.
Thanks for your help and please send these to me as soon as possible.
Thanks again!

Jo Ann Kvamme

PS you can call me evenings at 571-2312 with questions.

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