Tuesday, December 23, 2008

October 2, 2008, meeting of green-infrastructure planning group

2008 - 2009

Meeting: Green Infrastructure Planning – Linking AR Communities (GIP) working groups held their first meeting on October 2, 2008 in the cafeteria at Mt. Sequoyah Assembly. Sponsored by Fayetteville Natural Heritage (FNHA) .

Participants were assigned to a working group and each individual received a packet of information explaining the organization and the project goals and timeline. Barbara Boland is the Project Coordinator and she introduced the other resource team members.

This meeting is part of Phase II of the project which is to develop network maps for future presentation to the study area jurisdictions for adoption.

Environmental Working Group (EWG) – Minutes

Attendees: Aubrey Sheperd, Bob Cross, Doug James, Elizabeth Adam, Frances Hime, Delia Haak, Judy Woltjen.

Bob Cross, Acting Chairperson, asked for members to introduce themselves and after intros the
group selected these members to serve as officers:
Chairperson Delia Haak; Vice-Chairperson Frances Hime; Scribe Judy Woltjen.

Members reviewed the assignment for the group as presented on the paper Environmental Working Group: Definition, Assignment and Food for Thought Questions

Doug reported for Joe Neal that he has 5 grassland areas that are important as bird and plant habitat in Northwest AR and need to be considered in this study.

Delia suggested that the group form working sub-groups such as environmental, flora and fauna, water quality and quantity, and habitat health. Doug suggested that the sub-groups be grasslands/prairies, watersheds of streams, upland forest, and wetlands. Frances suggested caves could also be a focus of this region.

The environmental working group will meet Wed. Oct. 15 at 7 pm. at The Nature Conservancy at 675 Lollar Lane. Our agenda will be to:
1. Decide areas of focus for the environmental working group
2. Self select area of focus sub-group
3. Break into subgroups for working session
4. Make individual assignments
5. Decide date, time, location of next meeting

Judy Woltjen, Scribe

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