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Shackleford adds acreage to list of savannas deserving protection and restoration

Please click on image to ENLARGE view of Westside Sewage Treatment Plant and surrounding area.


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Attached is an aerial showing another savanna we need to identify on
our GI map. I will be including the site in the revised wetland/
prairie write-up. If I add artwork to it outlining the location, it
makes it very memory hungry. Therefore, I will describe the
location. It is the square wooded plot at the south end of the
aerial at the NW corner of Broyles Rd. and Woolsey Farm Rd. It is a
post oak savanna that has a brushy understory. It can be restored
with a good burn. I am calling it "Broyles Savanna" since we already
have a "Woolsey Savanna" at the north end of the property next to
Woolsey Wet Prairie. The Broyles Savanna is across the street (and
north of) the Broyles/Yates Prairie. The Broyles Savanna is next to
the old Woolsey home place that was occupied by the Broyles Family
100 years later. I estimate the Broyles Savanna to be 2.5 to 3.0
acres. Woolsey Farm Rd. runs east-west and is the line that divides
Fayetteville City Limits from Farmington City Limits. Broyles
Savanna is owned by the City of Fayetteville.



West Side Wetland 2008.jpg

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