Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fayetteville Forward green-infrastructure committee to meet at 7 p.m. in Room 111 of City Hall

R: Land Use Planning & Green Infrastructure Committee

Thursday, Aug. 13
7 p.m. Room 111, City Hall

This is your reminder that we will be meeting again this Thursday to both review what we accomplished last month (see the recent committee/report work below--in case you didn't open these in July when sent)
AND formulating what we want to accomplish in each group. I hope you have all been researching in your areas of interest or contemplating how you would like to contribute to formalizing the avenues to establishing a green infrastructure for Fayetteville.
In the Policy realm, for example, I talked last week with a few people from different departments in the city and learned that a riparian ordinance is being developed, but it's not ready for "prime time" yet. When it is, they said our committee would definitely be asked for input and help in putting it into shape. This ordinance will be very important in addressing water quality issues. As most of you may know, Alderman Sarah Lewis has been working on a Low Impact Development ordinance, which ties directly into watershed issues as well. The current city Hillside Ordinance needs close examination for strengths and weaknesses, especially in regard to watershed integrity, and this is a very important role this sub-committee could play in green infrastructure enhancement. And, of course, if we have committee members who can work to formulate an effort for Transfer of Development Rights legislation, passage of this enabling law would make green infrastructure linking and corridor/hub/core acquisitions much more feasible.
And, the needed policies that link to the work of the Green Infrastructure:Identification and Definition sub-committee need to be discussed at this August meeting.
The economic impacts, advantages or disadvantages, of local green infrastructure (or the lack thereof) need to be discussed and avenues determined as to how to evaluate these impacts.
We have a lot to do! And it's all very important work!
Here are a few links people have sent to me since our last meeting. Please help our efforts by familiarizing yourself with some of this material and adding to it:

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