Friday, December 4, 2009

Fayetteville City Council member, Sarah Lewis, to DISCUSS proposed riparian buffer ordinance with public and Tree and Landscape Committee at 4 p.m. November 9

Sarah Lewis wrote:
"I'm going to be sharing the process we've been going through to get there and the variables that still have to be considered. There isn't specific ordinance language at this time. I'll share what Geosyntec recommended and what some of the research recommends. Please inform people that we are in the education and data-gathering stage right now.


Tree & Landscape Advisory Committee

Cynthia Cope, Forestry, Landscaping, or Horticulture (Chair)
Wade Colwell, Business
John Crone, University Representative
Chris Wilson, Environmental
J.P. Peters, Community/Citizen-at-Large
Gayle Howard, Service Organization
David Reynolds, Land Development
Vacant, Utility Representative
Vacant, Community/Citizen-at-Large
Greg Howe, Urban Forester

MEETING AGENDA – Wednesday, December 9th, 2009
4:00pm Room 326 City Administration Building (City Hall)

Call to Order

Accept or Revise the November 10th meeting minutes.

Motion to move to hear New Business first
Old Business
1) Comments on proposed changes to the Landscape Manual concerning new installed tree quality and assorted smaller updates
2) Discussion possible changes to the Landscape Manual concerning pruning.
3) Discussion possible changes to the Landscape Manual concerning Structural soil, silva cells and other underground support technologies.

New Business
1) Councilwoman Sarah Lewis addresses committee on behalf of the Environmental Action Committee to discuss the riparian buffer ordinance

2) Committee vacancies and TLAC members with terms expiring 12/30/09.
3) TLAC applications received by Nov. 30th deadline
4) Municipal Forestry Institute training opportunity available
5) Tree Escrow 2010 Location Plantings
6) Discuss 2010 meeting days and times

Open Forum
1) Member’s discussions on other areas of concern, ideas or suggestions outside of agenda.

2) Guests and visitors opportunity to address the committee on non-agenda items.

Announcement: Next meeting is January 13th

Meeting adjourns

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